Day 29 of 30


in an effort to move
in an effort to dance
and squat and summon

hip flexors and blades of
shoulders that ain’t cut much
lately besides the air
around my ears

i decided to reorganize
my bookshelf
embellishment is breath
to a poet
i decided to organize
my bookshelf

for the first time
and it’s been a long time
since i’ve seen my friends

when they were young
when we were younger trying
to find language for move
out my way when we were trying
to find language for kiss
and tell the world when we were trying
to find language for fight
atrophied mind and ain’t no
body got time to wait on nobody
who dont know we genius black

stapled pages pixelated word art
for cover autographs in bic blue
that make the hair on my neck ovate
and thicken my saliva

and as i stretch this body and
alphabetize my journey
proud of the spines we’ve made
and the backs we’ve broken and
the pages of future incantations
back when stoops were our stew pots

i wipe dust from my eyes clap clouds
into this world i’ve forgotten
i haven’t made alone and ask

friends how did you know i needed you
friends i’ve missed you so
what now


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