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  1. gemineyeofthecat

    If you get ’em up, I’d love to buy a book to support you. I saw you perform at the Kennedy Theater this past summer and as a writer myself, I was incredibly moved. Power to you. Keep it up. I look forward to reading and hearing more some day.

  2. Anna

    I sent you this email in February of 2006. You struck a cord in me when you performed at PSU that still resonates today.
    Still. Resonates. Today. Danke Schön!

    Dear Jason,

    It’s been more than 2 years since I saw you perform, but every couple of months since then something nudges me to search for “Let me speak.” I have to listen to that voice and it says that I am meant to own your book. The many failed attempts at wanting to purchase it, have landed me in your mailbox. Could you tell me how I can get my hands on this aloof book of yours? 🙂

    Gratefully Yours,

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