I write. A bunch of stuff.

And I like. A bunch of stuff.

That’s pretty much it.

(I’m trying extremely hard not say “Google me.”)


  1. Idowu

    You came to Durham about 5 years ago. I’ve looked everywhere for your Poems, especially one that I think (emphasis on think) is titled “Let me write you a poem.” and there was one about Liquor in a brown bag. I hope they are going to be in your book. I’d really love to read them again.

    Stay great.

    xxo. LP

  2. Trevis M. Thompson

    Jason!!! You are awesome..always was and will forever be…You are one of the GREAT!!!..Love ya bro..so proud…Trev

  3. Kinng Nelson

    I was just finished reading your amazing book “The boy in the black suit” I just wanna say great book but I need it to be longer or you need a sequal the book is just too good for you too leave the book ending like that and it sounds like there is going to be a sequal (I really hope there is and I want a copy of the arch) I live in Baltimore so I was happy when you mention it in the book and I go to. Rr Ro roland park elementary middle school in Baltimore. Just give me info about you and plz plzzzz send me an email back I will be disappointed if you don’t but yeah and if you want to I would like if you sent me some of your latest books or poems or whatever and send it to my school with my name on it from you an author. Thank You for reading this and send me an email back and God Bless You Brig

  4. KiNNg Nelson

    this is the second reply my school does not have your other book ans so i would like that one and send me other stuff you write becasue i think your an interesting author and i want to read some of the other stuff you may or may not have published and can you make a book about me, you dont have to know backround but make it up but put my name in one of your books or poems and get it to me as sone as possible it dont have to be long just put me in it and i go to RPEMS. spell name corret reply today and i want to read the book so make sure you send them plz and thank you send me a reply as soon as possibly. this is the same person u replyesd to yesterday so send me a reply today or tommorow thank you and by the way iam 12 yrs old.

  5. Devi Brookins

    I ordered The boy in the Black Suit off Amazon a few days ago. It came today and my 12 year old is on cloud nine. After we, yes we read it I am donating it to the public library locally. Great job Jason. I appreciate you.

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