Day 30 of 30!!!


if i gave you a pile of me
in bit and break
could you try not to replace them
but place them maybe not
where they were
but where they go?

and could you teach me to step back
far from me and see with your eyes
the visible fracture
between chip and shard
as masterpiece?

Day 28 of 30


remember your time in the castle
your fingers dragging along the walls
down the corridors
playing jump-jump over
ornate picture frames
of 43 white
and your daddy

remember your daddy
and your mama
and how their tears
were not your business
and their hugs
were still their hugs
and their kisses
made a cold place warm
and grandma still smelling
like powder and
dish soap and
discipline and

remember your time in the castle
remember playing catch me
if you can around the pillars
as you grow into them
as you grow into you
and go into you
and go out into
your world

and as you pack
please remember us
and leave some laughter
tucked in your daddy’s desk drawer
and some greasy hair-ties
around the doorknobs
and your toys
hidden like amulets
under the tuft

Day 26 of 30


there is nothing
on the road between memphis
and jackson
there is nothing
but big sky
and fields of green bristle
and flags hanging
star crossed
and there is nothing
that can stop me
from thinking

about whether or not
my DNA is in the dirt
out there
if there are tributaries
of my juvenile blood
running like veins
bubbling beneath earth’s scalp
if the spirits of my folks
have caught the wind
out there
have caught wind
of my arrival
and limped the flags
just for me
just this once
to keep me brave

there is nothing
that can stop me
im thinking
there is nothing
that can stop me
im laughing

there is nothing
there is nothing
but the green grass
growing all around
all around

Day 24 of 30


and they
dont understand
dont make no sense to them
how shine stick on us
and we stick on shine
how we seem to
care more and more and
care less and less
how our torsos be tinted plexi
casing strobing spirits
how our mouths be both
artwork and arsenal
how our limbs be spring-loaded
and our necks be
blocks of cement
and our tears gather
like sunday dinner
in clapboard houses
both eating us
and keeping us
dont make no sense
no damn sense
to them