HERE WE GO! National Poetry Month, 30/30! Honestly, every year it seems that my life gets more and more…complicated, so, this is going to be a challenging month. But…I’m in it! (Remember, these are scratches…drafts…ruffs…so chill.) Day 1 of 30

(So happy for him)

my older brother is to me
some kind of saint heavy
with stigma and stigmata

a prisoner of faith he’s been
a pergatory for passersby
and passersthrough

who jam fingers into wounds like
into ears to cork leaks and stop the
clock on his bleedout

but due to pressure gashes them wider
searching for heaven and got heavy
ripping like jeweled posts through earlobes

further deafening and damaging
my older brother the saint who I swear
was just one heartbreak from hole

but now in the smileshot
of an un’fraid unfang’d flirt
and the flutter of

faith from some savior
who can see saint aint nothing but
miracle meet man


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