From an incredible high school teacher in Milwaukee:


The bell is about to ring for another American Studies Block–that is the class that you met a week and a day ago in Milwaukee.  
We miss you.  
The energy and wisdom you gave these young people has been contagious.  Other students have come to talk with them about “that guy sitting in the commons.”  They’ve had critical conversations about who they are as scholars, what they want to tell the world about, how many more songs they need to write, what their beginning and their ending chapter should look like.  They have even started to find out much more about Queen Latifah.
I now am learning much more, too, about Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” since they seem to see quite a few connections to his new work and your words.  Whew.
I have hit my 20th year of teaching.  In some moments, I wonder if I can reach another year, but then I see them in a room listening to a master craftsman like you and I know that I have found my own place in the world.
Thank you for the gift of your time and your spirit.  You have given us a piece of you that will not break against any harshness in this world.
I can’t begin to express how grateful and how fortunate I am to have received such a message, and to have shared time with such incredible people — young, old, and everything in between — not just in Milwaukee, but all over this country. Let’s keep working together.


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