Day 17 of 30


Was told that though this plane is small
comfort is guaranteed
along with peanuts
and televisions

a few people in first class
a few in business
the rest in coach
where we sit
you in front of me
but still same section

you recline
the seat back smashes against my knees
you push harder
I say stop
you ask why
I say it hurts
you say it can’t hurt
the plane was built for this
I say maybe it wasn’t built with me
in mind and it hurts
you say everyone has enough space
from first to coach
comfort is guaranteed
you’ve seen the ads
you heard the pilot
I say I don’t have enough
space and the pilot didn’t build
this plane he just keeps it
in the air and it hurts
you say stop complaining
you say I should just recline too
and be grateful that I’m going
I say if you lift your seat
a little we could both be
comfortable you just laugh
and I say
it hurts
it hurts
it hurts

and before I can do anything
before I can make a move
there’s turbulence

and the intercom crackles on
and the pilot says

we’ve hit some rough air
so for your own safety
please stay seated
with seat belts fastened


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