Another lesson from Steve Jobs

I could talk about the debate, but…there’s really know need. Obama ’12.

Instead, let me share what I learned by watching, Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview. This interview took place in 1995, when a long-haired Jobs was forty.

The interviewer asked him how it felt to be rich. His response:

When I was 23, I was worth a million. At 24, ten million. At 25, 100 million. And it meant nothing.

Though this statement in and of itself was amazing (and ridiculous!) what was more interesting was how at the beginning of the documentary he explained how when he was twelve years old, he looked in the phone book and called Bill Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard, and asked him enough questions for Hewlett to offer him a job. At twelve.

This is important because,

1.) It shows that sometime’s the easiest way to our opportunities, is the most obvious way. (He just looked in the phone book.)

2.) From twelve to twenty-two, he was grinding. Ten years. Though his passion came early, and his gift made evident young, it still took him a decade of hard work and mastering, but more importantly, ten years of LOVING something to be (financially) successful.

3.) And because he was loving it, it had been loving him back before the money came, which makes millions of dollars, just icing on the cake.

4.) WHO IN THE HELL WERE STEVE JOBS’ PARENTS?  Working at twelve? Talk about foresight! All jokes aside, parenting matters. (To all my homies with kids.) It’s not the end all be all of success, but good parents can really help when it comes to mental fortitude, open-mindedness, and the freedom to dream bigger than the universe…




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