10 (distinct) things I remember about childhood

I could go on FOREVER, but here’s 10 right off the cuff in no particular order:

1.) Buying Queen Latifah’s Black Reign from the liquor store. A five dollar bootleg cassette. Yes, there were bootleg cassettes.

2.) Regulator, by Warren G and Nate Dog

3.) The Legend of Zelda. A GOLD cartridge! Unbelievable.

4.) TV Channels: 4,5,7,9,20, and …U. Some of ya don’t know about U on the “knob.”

5.) Ecto Cooler.

6.) Calvin, and his “awesome” job at McDonalds.

7.) Cosby, A Different World, Amen, Roc, Mr. Cooper, Martin…Dope black folks on TV. All the time.

8.) The theme songs to “In the Heat of the Night,” and “Murder She Wrote.”

9.) Huffy Sonic Six bike, with the face plate and the fake stick shift.

10.) Roger Rabbit.



  1. Ajani

    Definitely remember all of those things. I even remember buying a bootleg EPMD cassette tape from a corner store next to my aunt’s house.

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  3. Donelle Carter :)

    I didn’t know about the U knob…Matthew just laughed an said it was a D.C. thing. How random is it that Matthew was just singing/rapping Regulator to me the other day? Good stuff…

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