What’s been going on…

Sooooo wanna know what I’ve been up to? Sheesh, so much. Too much, actually, to cram into a blog. For those of you who know me in real life, call me and we’ll have coffee and catch up. For everyone else (including those who know me but don’t want to have coffee with me) here’s some awesome highlights.


1. Tour with Brendan Kiely and (John) Corey Whaley was amazing. We had such a great time bopping around from city to city, talking to young people, middle people, and old people about our books. I have to tell you, it’s always cool to hear what people got from your work. Every time it’s a trip. What I didn’t like was the flying. I mean…I’m just not a good flyer and having to do it over and over again was ROUGH. But worth it. So, so, so worth it.


2. WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST IS NOW AN AUDIOBOOK! Hahahaha weird! But it’s good!


3. And lastly, the ARCs (Advanced copies) of THE BOY IN THE BLACK SUIT are in my hand! I’m so excited to share this story with everyone, but in the meantime, check out the cover!

4. And lastly, lastly…lastly forreal, I have a new website! www.jasonwritesbooks.com Some of you may wonder why I have a new website. The answer is simple. Laurie Halse Anderson said that I was a professional now and needed better internet representation. So, I did it. That simple. Turns out I really like it. And yes this blog is part of it. Nothing changes. Check it out!

I SWEAR I’m gonna update this thing more often. Gotta get a rhythm going. Working on it. In the mean time, be patient with me.


Day 29 of 30


We’ve had enough of teeth that chatter
The bitter sting of winter’s fist
And spring and fall no longer matter
For spring and fall just don’t exist

The coats and hats that help the cause
We clutch in fear of frost’s repeat
And pray to God for winter’s pause
Just to complain about the heat

Day 28 of 30


This morning
I found a new gray
in my mustache

Torn between
the presumptive image
of sophistication

and the inevitable
breakdown of
young cool

I can’t believe
my face is being

Day 27 of 30


From childbirth
we grip instinctively
with as much might as possible
to anything that crosses the
threshold of our palms

to anything that is holdable
to anything that is warm

and as adults
our hands have grown
strong enough to grip
exhaust pipes

and we do

let the smoke blow
in our faces
be burned and dragged by
fishtailing vehicles
prepare for whatever
unaccidental accidents
are coming

even exhausted

holding on to
that which is holdable
that which is warm

feels far more natural
than letting go

Day 25 of 30


There’s no contortion
like stomach touching back

a nothingness nobody strives for
but everybody thinks they understand

And they

talkin’ bout
be grateful for your breath
Talkin’ bout
focus on being present in your breathing
Talkin’ bout hold steady
a little while longer
a little while longer
hold it
hold it

while nothingness rumbles
a response
a growl

in you

talkin’ bout
what you talkin’ bout

and what kinda yoga
is this anyway?