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My mother always says

it is our nature to be selfish, but our purpose to be of service.

(cues sigh of astonishment)

Note: I’m pretty sure my mother didn’t come up with this. She probably read it in some book, stole it, and now dishes it out as her own. But, she does live by it, which to me, is the truest sign of wisdom.

(cues sigh of astonishment, again)

It’s an interesting concept, that all of our destinies are service. But when I think about, it really enhances the reason we all do what we do. Changing your life is fantastic, but helping to change someone else’s, for the better, is magical. It’s something I think about all the time, mainly because I have to. I can still smell my mother smoking my room out with sage, and lecturing me about this, as a teen. There’s absolutely no shaking it at this point.

So intense.

With her wisdom also comes an immense humility, something I try to stay on top of, sometimes to no avail. Though she’s always humble, I cant help but think about how amazingly hilarious it would be if the next time she says this mantra about service, she then follows it up with “A jewel just got dropped ON YOUR HEAD, FOOL!” and then bops away with a mean, Jefferson strut.

The person who got the “jewel dropped on their head’s” face would be…ah man. Priceless.

Sheesh, I gotta go call my mom.