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Day 2…just to be clear

Okay, so just so everyone knows, Jason (Griffin) and I are cool. Everything is good. We just know that a lot of the success we have as collaborators, fuels our individual success, and that individual success is then poured back into the collab tank. And so on and so forth.

Many of you may not know that Grif has had his own website for quite a while. Check it, here. He also has started a friggin huge (or soon-to-be huge) movement called, 1 Million Ninjas, which I’m also down with. For that, click here. Needless to say, the red-headed wild man has had his hands full, and does all of this while also working on R&G stuff. Oh, and I’m sure some of you have noticed by now, that our original site, http://www.increase-decrease.com is down (click here, lol, sike dont…nothing’s gonna come up.) Maybe we’ll bring it back, maybe not. We’ll see. But in the meantime, I’m going to get this thing cracking, only because my personal brand is just as important to me as Grif’s is…to me.

The stronger we are individually, the greater the magnitude of the movement we hope to build.

There it is.