Day 5 of 30

(for the kids in Parkland and everywhere else, who have had enough)

on a sweaty night
one void of romance or tenderness
or human compassion a night of
hate making fear making
tongues vaccumed to the backs
of throats raw with carnality
mouths hollowed empty hallways
sweet nothing-less
sour and silent

a baby is conceived
and after a few minutes
just a few moments comes
journeying a short distance
tearing from a urethra
all springs and steel and grip

pat it on its back to make
sure it’s alive
warm it with your palms
and marvel at its glint
whisper to it what it will
be when it grows up
big and strong and powerful
and aimed at greatness

put it to your breast but
be careful of its suckling
it teethes early
feed it and feed it and feed it
feed it until it’s full
feed it and be proud
of your fat rambunctious baby
your offspring with no off switch

your mirror
whose mess you will never
be able to clean up


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