Day 24 of 30

AN HONEST TALK WITH DAUGHTER (if i have a daughter)

your mother will teach you
how to swing and wield
she will show you
how to cut
how to open skin
of things
how to shine and slit
and make halves of
this whole world

and i
will tell you
what blood tastes like
my mouth made rose
from kissing your
mother’s crimson creases
i will whisper to
your wounds as well
i will clench stitch-up
needle and thread
between teeth
house your scream
under my tongue
keep you from tasting
your own iron

but still
i cannot swing and wield
a sword i have never had
the strength to lift
i cannot pretend to
know how to cut
or open skin clean
i cannot begin to
know the weight
of woman and weapon

i only know
how to be sheath

i only know
how to be sure
you are safe
and sharp


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