Day 4 of 30


anyone who’s played
will tell you

no one writes parts
for the viola
the intonation
the voicing
when played altogether
is too alto
to hear
not meant for solo
not meant for standout
like the violet
of the orchestra
beautiful end of
the spectrum
between indigo and the
invisible ultra

but got a shine to it
like the brass
always trying
to blow it out
trying to swallow it
in lightning flash
but see

the viola
got thunderweight
requires strong chin
and back unbreakable
requires whole body
to make sound
to make something
ugly and pretty
in we clef

and anyone who’s played
will tell you

the viola
just be too much for most
can’t be plucked
or bowed
as easily

made different
got a thicker kind
of string attached


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