Day 28 of 30


remember your time in the castle
your fingers dragging along the walls
down the corridors
playing jump-jump over
ornate picture frames
of 43 white
and your daddy

remember your daddy
and your mama
and how their tears
were not your business
and their hugs
were still their hugs
and their kisses
made a cold place warm
and grandma still smelling
like powder and
dish soap and
discipline and

remember your time in the castle
remember playing catch me
if you can around the pillars
as you grow into them
as you grow into you
and go into you
and go out into
your world

and as you pack
please remember us
and leave some laughter
tucked in your daddy’s desk drawer
and some greasy hair-ties
around the doorknobs
and your toys
hidden like amulets
under the tuft


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