Day 27 of 30

I know some of you are wondering why I keep writing these poems. Easy answer: because I have to.


In 1997 scientist Philippe Kahn
jury-rigged a camera to his phone
to for the first time
capture and share
through the internet
the birth of his daughter

She is now eighteen

Her life was the impetus
for the camera phone
Her birth was the dropped
pebble in the water
world of waves
rippling and rippling
wider through the years
until eventually reaching
the shaky hand of a
neighborhood newscaster
also eighteen
filming someone else’s death
or almost death
for the
third time
this week
to capture and share
with the internet
in case of another kind
of jury-rig


One comment

  1. Mel

    *Please* keep writing “these poems.” I hope there are people out there taking “these photographs” and writing “these stories,” too.

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