Day 7 of 30


You wanna know how we do it?
How we be movin like that
like body be in seance
spirit singin in vibrato
to the rhythm?

And how we be stylin like that
fabric magnetized to melanin
like hats be tipped
but never tip over
like dresses be wafting
the world closer?

And how we be talkin like that
like slick like words
under our tongue
and behind our ears
like hidden diamonds?

And how we be prayin like that
use our outside voices
inside and inside voices
outside and lift
our hands to
hold the whole goddamn
world up?

And how we be thinkin like that
how we be making stuff
and making stuff up
and making made up
stuff the new stuff that
everybody be stuffed with
and we be stuck with
everybody saying it’s
their stuff?

And how we be jumpin
and playin
and cookin
and fightin
and forgivin
and forgivin
and livin
and livin
and lovin
how we be lovin
like that?

You wanna know how we do it?
You wanna know how we do it?
How we do it?

I bet
you do.


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