Day 5 of 30


Do you know there are kids
Kids wearing painful ill-fitted crowns
forced onto them
until thorns in the head
feel like kisses
and tears dry blackened
and water becomes ink
Kids with holes in their bodies
Kids nailed to stigma and stagnation
Kids who don’t remember
their last supper
Kids whose disciples don’t
remember them

Kids who come from only a mother
immaculate conception has
become a messed up miracle
for most
(Kids who are never at their father’s house)
Kids who know something is wrong
but can only express it by
flipping over tables in the temple
only deal with it by hiding high
up in a foggy place
Kids who carry heavy crosses
The past weighs the most and
courses through their bloodstreams
It’s impossible to run or jump
when making a step is like
moving a mountain

Do you know there are kids
There are kids
Kids who are dying
for other people’s sins
Kids who might also be messiahs
But who will roll away their stones?


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