Fam Mail!

Sooooooo, I have A LOT to tell everyone, from my journey to the incredible Ben Davis High School in Indiana, to my time at the NoVa Teen Book Festival, to my awesome stay in Arizona where I hung out at Casa Grande High and Sahuaro High. Also, I’ve been on an incredible New York Public Library tour which has also been a blast. And I PROMISE I’m gonna fill everybody in. But right now I want to share two pieces of DOPE fam mail, one from my French homie, Muriel. The other from a young lady named, Tahneja.

I’m so grateful to anyone who reaches out to me, but these two were so charming. Check ’em out.

SUBJECT: Admirative

I’m a little disappointed not to find your books in French … Thanks Instragram I found you … My English is not very correct so sorry for the mistakes. But despite the language barrier which can sometimes remove the sensitivity to words nénmoins one feels the full force of your talent. Thank you for the good times to read … I love the word FAM at the expense of the word FAN.


And this one, which I really love:

SUBJECT: Hi Jason Reynolds

Omg I Can’t Believe I’m Emailing You ..
Sorry I Sound Like A Total Insane Person.
Well First Things First My Name Is Tanehja
(Tah-Nay-Jah) Elliott. && My School Patterson Mill Middle/High School
Got Your New Book The Boy In The Black Suit. Now I LOVED IT Just Like Your Previous Book When I Was The Greatest And Our Story Our Way. It Was Nice And Edgy I Just Really Loved It. I Think You Should Continue The Boy In The Black Suit Because .. You Just Should It Would Make Me Happy . Now I Hope You Respond B/c This Would Be A Waste Of My Time .. Sadly .
But I Really Loved And Especially Loved The Boy In The Black Suit . I Finished The Book In 2 Days ( Ikr !!) I’m A Fast Reader . I Love Reading It Over And Over ( Since I Have No Social And No Life) But .. Uhh Yeah .

Your BEST Friend ,

Hahahaha yes Tanehja, you are my best friend.


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