Fam Mail

This bit of “fam mail” is from a high school student. Not sure where he lives but his honesty is pretty awesome. Check, check, check it outttttt.

From Brandon:

I must say, I’ve never had that much enjoyment in a book except for reading war books. I’m a high school student and being able to sit down and read a book is rare for me. I hate reading and looking at your website seeing that your goal to only make entertaining books sure is working. I’m planning on getting your other books to read.

Then came the rub. Hahahahaha.

I do have one question to ask because I am working on a project for school and I have to do research on the author so my question to ask, What is a quote that you would relate to When I Was the Greatest? I know your most likely busy and I hope you have the chance to write back, but if not I understand and just want to say again I loved the book and am planning on reading the other ones. Stay motivated, stay at peace, and keep writing.



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