The Amazing Angelo

I received an email this morning from the great, Lesley-Ann Brown, who is still in residence at THE RHODE ISLAND WRITERS COLONY. The email, well, the email is about Angelo, an older guy I met there who I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to. Lesley-Ann bumped into him, and…well, just read the email:

The other morning Angelo approaches me. He looks a bit sad. He asks me if you’ll be coming back. I say I’m sure. He goes on to talk about how amazing you are. The way you carry yourself. Your grace etc. etc. He talks about your hair and how he has seen so many people before with hair like yours, what do you call it? he asks me, dreadlocks, I reply, and he’s like yeah, but with Jason, it becomes him.
Later I hand him your book so he can see what you’re doing. He reads it a little, walks over to me and says Needles and Noodles, huh? I say yeah, cool names right? Yes, he says, that’s what I’ll name my two turkeys, Noodles and Needles. I say I think Jason will like that.

Lesley-Ann and Angelo, with a feather from his turkey, now named, Needles.




  1. Ray Cox

    Hi, Jason. Just read your book. Couldn’t put it down. Very well done. Proud of you. Ordered 5 copies. How can I get them autographed? Uncle Ray

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