Life at The Ashberry Home School






You’re probably wondering what you’re looking at. This is Hudson, NY which where I’ve been for the last few days participating as a member of the inaugural class of the Ashberry Home School. Some of you are thinking, Ashberry? As in, John Ashberry? Yes. That Ashberry. This is the first year of this poetry workshop, where poets come together and write and work and think about poetry in relation to other art forms, which for me is always a good thing.



Tracy K Smith is here, Tom Healy, Adam Fitzgerald, Dottie Lasky. The list goes on and on. Oh, and of course, JOHN ASHBERRY (remind me to tell y’all about his house. Crazy.) I mean it’s some heavy hitters in this joint! And I’m super grateful to be here, to talk and write and learn and see what this community of poets and the community of Hudson has to offer.

Got a few days left before heading back to Brooklyn, but I’ll keep you all posted!

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