Fan Mail/Fam Mail

So here’s the thing about fan mail. If you’ve read my work and felt connected to it, then that pretty much automatically makes you connected to me. So you’re more like family. As a matter of fact, I’m not calling it “fan mail.” Instead, I’ll call it FAM mail. And when it comes, it always makes me feel overwhelmingly grateful. It also reminds me of how intelligent and thoughtful so many of our young people really are.

This particular piece of fam mail came from a young lady I met in Vegas at the ALA convention. Kiana. Kiana’s teacher told me that she enjoyed WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST and would love to meet me. A few moments later Kiana and her mother came up to me and we had a good laugh about who-knows-what, and then I gave Kiana an advanced copy of THE BOY IN THE BLACK SUIT.

This message is her thoughts on it all.

Dear Jason,
My name is Kiana Rosen and I met you recently at the ALA convention in Las Vegas. My wonderful teacher Shari Conradson introduced us. I am not sure if you remember me so I have attached a picture below:) At the conference you very generously gave me a copy of your new book ‘The Boy In The Black Suit’ which I just finished reading. I am very happy to say that I absolutely loved it! I had read your previous novel ‘When I Was The Greatest’ which I enjoyed a lot and I totally loved the cover! I loved the stark contrasts between the knitting and the gun and how two completely opposite forces could be joined together. When I first started to read ‘The Boy In The Black Suit’ I had mixed feelings toward the main character, I was unsure if what he was doing was strange or sweet. By the end of the story of I came to the conclusion that what Matt was doing was very strong and passionate. I completely fell in love with the message behind the story; you are never alone, even in the deepest and darkest of times there is always someone who will be at your side either experiencing the same things as yourself or willing to put everything aside to be with you. I can not express how much I enjoyed reading your new book! I felt very special to be one of the first people to dive into the story:) I am very excited to read more of your books in the future. I hope to hear from you soon!
Kiana Rosen, a lover of your books:)

Thank you, Kiana.



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