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  1. hillary

    I’m not sure this is the appropriate forum for such a question, as it’s related to your book. But I could find no other avenue on your site with which to ask, and I would like to know if you would like to share. Not that I’m entitled to a response but ask I will. You see, I finished your book a few weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely. I read a lot of young adult literature, and your book stood out to me as having a very specific and original voice as well as crafting a thoroughly engaging story. I should also preface my question by saying I’m of the category of people who do think it’s okay to sometimes judge a book by it’s cover as long as it’s books we’re talking about.
    So I’m wondering, as the author, what are your thoughts about the book’s cover? To me it seemed incongruous with the story. Striking in its imagery of the hard, cold gun encased in the beautiful and colorful, soft knitting. And probably attention-getting on a shelf full of books screaming “buy me” and perhaps marketed to a certain segment of the reading population. But I didn’t think the gun was central to your story, and in that way I thought it was misleading in its representation of the characters, and Ali, and the tale you so lovingly told.
    Thanks for listening,
    and thank you for your book,

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