Advice from a chef

So, I’ve been a little busy lately. The book is in stores now, and I’ve been  doing everything I can to enjoy the moment, savor every tweet, every status update, every photo and hashtag of people all over the country sharing their experiences with the book. I am truly honored. Absolutely floored. And unbelievably anxious. Truth is, there is something invigorating about it all, but also super frightening because there is nothing I want more than for people to LIKE the book. And… I have absolutely know control over that. So…yeah…I’m a little on edge.

But I talked to my buddy Craig about this anxiety I’ve been having. Craig  owns a restaurant in my neighborhood — Peaches.  And this is what he told me.

“Listen man, if I had to prepare someone a special steak dinner, I would go and get a fresh piece of meat from the slaughterhouse, take it home, clean it, trim the fat, create the perfect rub of spices, season it, cook it perfectly, plate it perfectly, and then serve it perfectly. And if the person I was serving the steak to took a bite and didn’t like it, it’s because they probably wanted fish. I made a perfect steak, so to dislike it comes down to a matter of taste, not my abilities.”

He then said, “But the steak HAS to be perfect. Every time.”

And I asked, “But how will I know if it’s right?”

And he responded, “If it is what you intended it to be, then it’s right.”


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