My favorite holiday, MLK Day



Happy Dr. King Day!

Whether you agree with his method of non-violence, or not, what can’t be debated is his intention, his influence, and the dent he made in the sturdy wall of American white supremacy and iniquity. For me, this is the truest of holidays. I know most don’t consider it a “holiday” but for many of us, especially our parents, Dr. King’s life was in fact a miracle — a miracle met with blood and anger and hatred, but executed with poise and grace and integrity. We should be wishing people “Happy Dr. King Day,” the same way we wish people other happy holidays. And not just people of color, but all people should be clapping their hands and participating in this special time.


This is not a Hallmark holiday.There aren’t any greeting cards with “I have a dream. Do you?”  on it (though that might be cool.) People aren’t piling into bars to get hammered in the name of the late reverend, nor are there turkeys and large dinners being prepared in his honor (which would also be dope.) Perhaps this is because this was the last holiday, one that all living people were and are certain that its namesake was a real person, not a myth, or an ancient figure, or a deity, but instead a man from Georgia who was crucified for speaking truth against all injustice — the very fabric of this country. Perhaps 200 years from now his life will be one big fable of magic and superhumanness, but for now, we should celebrate what he (and the rest of us) were able to accomplish driven solely by purpose, selflessness and courage, all seated in the human will. 

He may not have walked on water, but he definitely walked on water hoses, and depending on who you talk to, those two miracles are on par with one another.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.





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