An awesome opportunity

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading to D.C. to attend a meeting at Edelman Public Relations firm. For those that don’t know, Edelman Is one of the biggest firms in the PR world, representing heavy-hitters like, Wal-Mart (need I say more?)

What do they want with me?

Well, I’m actually going to be part of an amazing experiment, where I will be using the medium of writing, to explain how the art of storytelling (as a writer) can be used to approach marketing campaigns differently. It’s all about what filter in your mind you use to see the world. For me, everything is a story, and every successful story, has character and conflict.

For example, the Dos Equis guy, also known as “the most interesting man in the world.” Here’s the story:

There was a man.The most interesting man in the world (character). He was so interesting, in fact, that everything bored him, even his choice of drink ( conflict). Except one. The Dos Equis.

That’s it. That ad campaign is really just telling a story, and arguably, that’s the reason it works so well.

So this should be interesting. Me and a bunch of PR execs getting creative as we figure out fresh ways to publicize. So grateful for such a unique opportunity. I’ll tell you guys all about it!


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