Hey everybody. I’m back.

Let me tell yall what happened, and why I haven’t been posting.

My agent, Elena (Hi, Elena) emailed me a few months ago: HEY. YOUR SITE IS DOWN. So I went on to check, and sure enough, it was down. I didn’t even question why. I just figured it HAD to be because I hadn’t paid the hosting bill, and all that other tech stuff I really don’t know much about.

But I never checked it again. Instead, I just put it on my to-do list to call Godaddy and tell them I needed to pay or whatever, so I could get this thing up and running again before they sold my domain name. But me being me, it took forever for me to get around to it. Until just now.

And guess what. It’s not down at all. It was just down for a while due to problems Godaddy or WordPress was having on their end. Ridiculous.

Anyway. I have so much to tell everyone. Starting tomorrow.


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