What I learned from the Bob Marley documentary (no spoilers)

Those of you who know me, know that I have a healthy obsession with Bob Marley. From my father playing Babylon By Bus while driving me to elementary school, to me discovering the Kaya LP in the basement, and spinning it on the record player, to my best friend Aaron’s father letting me borrow the Exodus CD, to my cousin Eric expanding my knowledge past the A-sides and hits, to my homeboy Thomas and I talking about him in college as if Bob Marley was a major.  So when it comes to the late legend, needless to say, I know a lot. At least I thought I did.

The new documentary, Marley, shed some light on tons of things I had no clue about. I wont really go into any of it here, because I don’t want to undercut anyone’s movie-going experience. But EVERYONE needs to go see it. In the theater, when I went, there were tons of old white people, young asians, a few Rastas, some young black kids, men, women, boys, girls, everybody. Bob was for the people. ALL the people.

Anyway…the point of this post is to explain what I learned from the movie…well, really, from his life. And what that is, is that fearlessness is paramount, not just when it comes to being successful, but when it comes to actualizing and fulfilling your purpose. You have to know you know you know you know. And on top of that, discipline has to be a key element in your life. A cornerstone of your personality. Excellence has to be a habit, and if you can make that the case, fear becomes even more absurd.

Why fear the house will fall, when you’ve taken the time to place each brick carefully?

GO SEE THE MOVIE, GO SEE THE MOVIE, GO SEE THE MOVIE. The music, as awesome as it is, was only an extension of his mind, and his heart. But his life and mission should be dissected for gems, to once more show us the power of God, and the power of humanity.

(Preaching to myself.)

Check out the trailer, here.


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