The best thing anyone could be…is wrong

I watched this awesome TED speech about being wrong and it really blew my mind. I wont go into all the details but in a nutshell, the philosopher was basically saying that being wrong is the very thing that drives innovation. If no one was ever wrong, nothing would ever change, so it’s the wrong that we should be thankful for.

Of course, you could poke holes in this argument, and talk about moral wrongness, and how in this country, that doesn’t always get righted, but it has gotten “righter,” I suppose. But it’s still an interesting idea. I mean if we look at technology, something solely based on creativity and innovation, all we’re seeing is a constant update of that which was wrong…or temporarily right.

We’ve all heard the old folks say, wisdom comes through experience, but what it really comes through is mistakes (which are elders need to be more open about.) Mistakes are our sharpest tools, our blundering blessings, our accidental moments of genius, make them, then make something from them.


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