What I learned from Pinky and The Brain

Last night, for some random reason, I was discussing Pinky & The Brain. And the one things that came up in conversation about this, now old school, cartoon, was the persistence of The Brain. Pinky would ask the same question every single day, “What are you gonna do today, Brain?”

And The Brain would give the same answer, over and over again.

“What I do everyday, Pinky, try to take over the world.”

And though he never actually did it, it’s pretty awesome that he tried to, every single day.

It’s actually a pretty awesome sub-plot shrouded by The Brain’s, sort of, insane and off-kiltered disposition. But, then again, to try to take over the world, you kind of have to be a little insane, and off-kilter, right?

The Brain, an artist? A dreamer? A…psycho, which pretty much is a synonym for artist and dreamer? Was he The Brain, or was he really “The Heart?” “The Guts?” (Clearly these aren’t nearly as catchy as, The Brain.)

Either way, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say he was misrepresented, and definitely one of the realest cartoon characters ever, on his grind, and determined to see his dream of world domination made real.




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