Valentines Day

I don’t have any sort of critique about it that I deem necessary to write about. We all know it’s propaganda, and a boat load of crap, a “hallmark holiday,”  yadda yadda yadda, and there are more than enough blogs ranting about  how this is an absurd, idle day.

Yes, yes, I know, everyday is Valentines Day, but the funny thing is, the only time people say this…is on Valentines Day. Truth is, whether we admit or not, and despite our views on it, it doesn’t hurt to have a day to remind us to actively love one another, something that we sometimes forget in our everyday runnings.

We don’t have to buy gifts.But we can give hugs, a smile, and maybe even use the day as a marker for another new year, beginning on the 14th of February, where we will try to be more conscious about being loving to our beloveds, and most of all, ourselves.

And that, is not a bad thing.

That’s all.


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