A short letter to Don Cornelius

Dear Don,

Thanks for showing the world how cool we really are. That we are peaceful and graceful. That our music is amazing. That our style is exceptional. That our movements are so mesmerizing that millions of people will stop what they are doing, and sit down on a Saturday morning, just to watch us be beautiful.

I think I took you for granted, until now. Now, as I think about how Soul Train is embedded in my upbringing, and how it was the only time we saw that many young black people (and one asian girl) on network television at one time, I realize the importance and the contributions you made to me as a young kid, watching, smiling, dancing in the kitchen, my mother explaining to me who the Isley Brothers were, and me, explaining to her who Run DMC was.

Imagine that.

I’ll never forget those Saturday mornings. The word scramble. The soul train line.

And I’ll never forget you. Thank you so much.

Rest in love, peace, and soul.



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