Bad Day for No Reason (An exploration of the five senses)

Sometimes, there are just bad days. But not because something bad has happened, but instead, just because. I was having one of those days Friday. I really can’t explain it. I guess the best way to put it is to say that my senses were working overtime to convince me that I and everything around me was off.

Here’s what I mean:

Sight: It’s not so much of what I saw, but rather how I saw myself. You ever look in the mirror and feel like you just look…dry? Like, ashy? Crusty? Yeah, well that was me. And because I have long hair, sometimes bad hair days happen (I know, everyday is a “bad” hair day for me, but to me, most of my “bad” hair days are awesome) and this was one of them. My clothes, though ironed as usual (I’m super weird about wrinkles) seemed to be wrinkled. Wrinkled, a great description of my mood, that day.

Hearing: I got this thing. A peeve. When there are are a bunch of teenagers all talking at once, I swear it makes me feel like my eyes are going to explode. Weird. Well, everyone who spoke to me Friday sounded like a mob of adolescents. My ears felt like they were bleeding, and my eyes throbbed like ticking time bombs, which probably explains the whole “sight” thing, I just mentioned.

Smell: I forgot to put on deodorant. Of course. Dammit.

Taste: Friday was also the beginning of a nasty cold. Thanks Mother Nature…for this backhand slap. So when it came to taste, I didn’t have any even though I had much to eat, because…well I was having a bad day, and eating makes things seem better, but I couldn’t taste anything because my nose was stopped up, which made the whole “no deodorant” thing much better for me, though awful for those around me. And you know what you realize when you buy food you can’t taste? You realize that folks who believe that eating is ONLY a tool for nourishment are as ridiculous as those who say that sex is only for procreation. It sucks to not taste. I mean, it really ruins the whole eating experience, even if it is keeping me alive.

Touch: The one thing about having a bad day is that the people who know and love you offer up hugs like they just received notice of an expiration date for their arms. And normally, these hugs and simple touches are the very things necessary to cure the “bad day for no reason.” But again, Friday was the beginning of a nasty cold. So, not a whole lot of touching going on for me. Yeah…bad day indeed.

Good news is…a bad day for no reason, usually only lasts a day. But they suck so bad, that the normal days, seem great. Saturday, felt like one of the best days of my life…for no reason.

Life is a trip.



  1. Melondey

    Life is a trip, well said. I just journaled about something similar minus the senses. Be glad you’re not a female, bad days usually last about a week.

  2. Dhimitri Gross

    Jason we love you regardless of the results from the one day of your 5 senses being off. Remember those occasional bad days help you to appreciate the great ones even more. Love ya!

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