If you’ve ever lived in an all black neighborhood, you know what this is about


Found stuck in my door this morning. Happens every two months. And judging from the way the neighborhood’s changed since I been here, it wouldn’t surprise me if Josh was getting a few calls. Wild. (Please don’t make me spell this out, lol.)


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  1. Quinci

    This topic can be viewed to completely different ways. I was recently living in a predominantly black neighborhood in NW DC. The houses were older, mostly built in the 1920’s. A lot of them hadn’t been remodeled since the 60’s. The structure of the houses are strong and could probably go another 100 yrs. However, the inside is a different story.

    I am a firm believer of taking care of things that you worked hard to obtain. A house is a blessing…everybody cant afford one. So when I see people in the neighborhood with their roof caving in, rusted fences, old windows, and etc. The house that I was renting electrical wiring had not been brought up to code which can be dangerous and cause a fire. From the looks of our neighbors homes we werent the only ones with outdate electrical wiring. So I wasnt at all surprised when I received multiple “Josh” notes left on the door. . “One mans trash is another mans treasure”.

    I’m not saying this is the case with your house or anyone in your neighborhood. But it’s definitely another way to view why Josh would leave a note on someone’s door.

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