Old black men in the laundromat

So there’s the barbershop…but there’s also the laundromat, so I’ve learned this morning. The conversation went like this:

Man 1: Giants can’t win, unless Eli kick that damn cold he got.

Man 2: Hell yeah, sheeeeeiiiit get him some tea, lemon, honey and a tough of that brandy like mama used to do…

Man 1: His ass be good as new.

Man 2: As new! (laughs)

Man 1: Man, my mama used to give us a little tea, some sugar, and a spoonful of kerosene. Take it down, wake up feeling like you slept a million years.

Man 2: KEROSENE! Good god-a-mighty! Ain’t never heard that one.

Man 1: People always say that, but that’s what it was.

Man 2: Jesus. Where you from?

Man 1: South Carolina. You?

Man 2: South Carolina.

Man 1: I’ll be gotdamn.

The conversation then spiraled in to how Rick Perry “be done mess around and bombed the whole damn world.”

Gotta love it.



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