Yoga is wack


Aight, so it’s not wack. But it definitely is not for me. I mean, granted, I’ve only tried it twice, but that was enough for me to determine that I’d rather ride a bike, go for a jog, do some pushups, jump rope, nail my tongue to a telephone pole, or pretty much do anything else other than yoga, to center myself. Not to mention, I just don’t buy into the “Yoga is for everyone” thing, that has swept across every major metropolis in America. Truth is, you need a certain level of strength and the instructor shouldn’t just assume everyone is on the same page. I just read an article in the New York Times, where a yogi talks about how dangerous yoga is, and how you can really injure yourself, especially your vertebrae with a lot of the poses if you don’t know what your doing (and I dont), or if your back and neck just aren’t strong enough to support your body. It doesn’t matter how good your breathing is.

BUT…I have been thinking about the concept of yoga. And I do think there is something to be learned from it.

– Yoga poses are uncomfortable (to me…and most people) but, I think the key is to make it comfortable. To use breathing, mental fortitude, and muscle strengthening to turn the uncomfortable pose into a comfortable pose.

– Each pose is held for a while. Poses are changed very slowly. So there’s a strange balance between making the uncomfortable, comfortable with strength, and by just dealing with the tension that the pose creates due to the fact that it’s held for a certain amount of time. Then, when you are released from the pose, it’s on to the next, starting again with the discomfort, then making that pose and all of its tension, comfortable, and so on. 

– Imagine each pose is a job. Or a relationship. Or school. A (sometimes) uncomfortable pose, in which you are in for an amount of time, dealing with the tension, but somehow finding comfort, and peace within, until you are released (or until you release yourself.)

– The strength you gain from each pose, prepares you for the next. Whether you know it or not. 

– The ability to find peace in discomfort, to find comfort in tension, to act without haste and allow moments to have their time, unafraid of said discomfort and tension, and to move on to the next moment with more strength…feels good.

Namaste. (Yeah, I know what that means.)


But seriously, word is, the devil likes pretzels. Human pretzels. Sike, sike, sike!

I can admit, I’m a hater when it comes to this whole yoga thing. *sigh*



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