Screw what people say about New Year’s resolutions

Every time the new year rolls around, people run and make resolutions. And while those people make resolutions, another set of folks start blathering about how pointless resolutions are because no one keeps them. But I tend to side with those that make resolutions. The resolvers. I mean, why not set goals? Why not try to accomplish something this year? And even if you slip, that’s okay because slips are inevitable when you’re trying to conquer something. It kills me how people feel like a try becomes futile because of a pattern of failure. The key is to try as if you’ve never failed, and in this case, as if you’ve never failed yourself.

My resolutions this year have less to do with what I’m trying to do, and more to do with who I’m trying to be. I think if I get to the root of some things character-wise, then what I’m trying to do will be cake. So here we go:

1.) Be patient. I’ve been working on this for a while now and have come a long way. Patience is a virtue…a virtue that keeps you from slapping a fool.

2.) Be disciplined. That’s really what this blog is all about. It’s kind of an experiment for me, to keep me consistently working on something almost everyday. It translates to every other part of my life, when it comes to being present in something consistently. Relationships, family, profession, mental and emotional health, spiritual practices, etc.

3.) Apathy. I know apathy is seen as negative but what I mean in this case is to just not care about SOME things. I find that I care too much about too much. Some things I just have to let roll so that I can remember to have fun and laugh. Because I spend so much time in my head, I often forget that life is life, and that everything shouldn’t be over- thought. Brain power and mental space is precious. Can’t just give it to anything.

And that’s it. Not too major, and definitely doable. Let’s see how it goes!


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