A wild man (a poem)

i’m a wild man
with a jackleg
in my head
all the time
on time


looking for a
where I aint wild
where I aint two scratches
short of a skip
where I would be
on all yall’s

for once

a world
for once
without chairs
or walls
or excuses
not to

(Been a while since I’ve written a poem. Figured I’d throw one up to see how it was. Much harder than I remember. Gotta get back in practice! Lol. But this is how I’ve been feeling. We gotta start living this thing. All of us. DANCE DANCE DANCE…life is so short. Do what the hell you want.)


  1. Ramond Walker

    A few reads, and still a little confused… lol… I’m so used to hearing poetry sometimes it takes me a while to read one… But I walking to earn to run to earn to dance!!! Thanks

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