Still at it (Reynolds & Griffin, 2012)


Hopefully we’ll have one of these crazy photos when we’re sixty.

Oh, for those of you who, for some reason, don’t know who that it is, that’s Griffin. A bad, bad man.


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  1. PhroYo

    You guys are awesome. I still remember how I met the both of you. I met Griffin at an exhibition step show when I was at an overnight stay (I was a Sr. in high school). He just randomly walked up to me and the people who were shadowing me and just started talking. My first thought: “Who is this red head with the blazer in college??” lol

    I met Reynolds in the dining hall sitting at the table with some people I knew. First conversation was about the hats you used to make. First thought: “Who is this guy who crochets in college???” lol

    You guys rock. Thanks for making college awesome.

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