Mom is learning fifth grade geometry!


And she loves it!

I visited her the other day, and she was telling me how one of the best parts about her job is that she gets to learn new things everyday.

She’s a para-professional at the elementary school I went to. Her job is to basically be an intensive tutor for specific students during class who aren’t quite learning disabled, but just a bit slower on the upswing than others. Right now they’re learning geometry.

Thing is, when my mother was in elementary school, 60 years ago, geometry didn’t exist as a subject. So everything she is learning is brand new.

“You should see me with the protractor!” she laughed, her face bright and hopeful like…well, a fifth grader.

I thought about how amazing it must be to be almost 70, and still be excited about life, and learning, humbled by the notion of something like fifth grade mathematics…

and by the notion of automatic lottery ticket readers. (pictured above)

It’s a new world for the old lady, and she’s taking it all in stride.


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