Why not get “dressed up?”


I met a guy yesterday in a store, wearing a tuxedo jacket, slim chinos, double monk strap shoes, bow tie…the whole get up.

So we get to talking about shoes (anyone who knows me, knows I love a GOOD shoe) and I asked him what the occasion was that had him so bespoke.

“Occasion?” he asked. “The question is, why aren’t you dressed up? Is being alive not a big enough occasion?”


After some thought, I must say, I agree with him. Being alive is definitely worth dressing up for. And note that by “dressing up,” I don’t mean putting on a suit. I just mean putting on what makes you feel good. We often times put TOO much power in clothing, but the flip to that is sometimes we underestimate the power of personal style when it comes to how it affects us psychologically. I’m not saying be someone you’re not. In fact I’m saying the opposite-be the person you are FULLY, everyday.

Every day you get an opportunity to breathe, is a day worth “dressing up.”

And yes, those are my shoes. Thanks in advance.


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