When there’s nothing to say

say nothing. It’s okay. That’s what I’ve been learning over the last few years. You’re advice isn’t always necessary or valuable, especially when you have to dig for it. Same goes for argumentative rebuttals. Same goes for criticisms.

I find that when a person has to always say something, it stems from some strange, insecure arrogance. You do it because it does something for you, but usually nothing for the other person.

If you’re a rap-a-lot, feeling ever-wise and astute, offering every inkling of thought you have to ever passerby with a tear in their eye or an opinion to offer, you might want to have a hard talk with yourself. Seriously. I only know because I had to. Had to put the poetry Kool-Aid down and have a one-on-one. I learned some cold, but valuable things that day about myself.
The most important being, it takes quite a bit of humility to show restraint when it comes to language. To not mouth-masturbate every chance you get (poor choice of words but…) because it’s only getting me off and inflating my ego. Pick and choose your battles really means shut the hell up sometimes.

That doesn’t mean that good advice isn’t valuable and that you don’t have it to give. It just means that it’s not always wanted, even if someone seems to be asking for it. Listen more. It’ll do wonder for all parties involved.

And on that note…probably gonna wake up tomorrow and feel like I need to practice what I preach and delete this whole post.

Something to think about.


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