I got offered a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster!!!


So…yeah. Simon & Schuster offered me a two-book deal. I feel unbelievable and a little strange only because this means that if I’m focused, my career and life could go to the next level. All I really want is for people everywhere to read my work, and to buy my mother something nice, and this definitely a HUGE step in the right direction. I haven’t really processed it all yet, so forgive me.


Tomorrow I’ll explain why this is such a big deal and how a few years ago I had to hide from people who knew me, because I was working in the stockroom of Lord & Taylor.

Today, I just…yeah.


Shouts to my agent Elena for doing an excellent job, the in-house editor, Joan for guiding me, the boss lady of the agency, Holly, and my fairy godmother and former editor at Harper, Joanna.

And to all my folks out there who’ve held me down, even if only by kind thoughts. Thank you all so much.



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