You may now kiss the bride

Yesterday one of my best friends got married. I’d go into details but weddings are weddings, at the end of the day. Tears, women constantly readjusting the train of the bride’s dress, the exchanging of vows and rings, all topped off by the deal sealer- the kiss.

Pretty standard, though very beautiful, stuff.

Until that kiss. Yesterday when the opportunity came for the two to press lips, they did so, but afterwards they stood in front of us all, and hugged. That hug changed everything, for me. It was almost like the “real” deal sealer. The embrace lasted a while, almost as if suddenly things became less ceremonial and far more personal. It was less of “*muah, yay we’re married” and more of “*exhale, thank you my love, and thank God we’re married.”

Just a hug. But more than a hug. It’s funny, you don’t see that at weddings often. But if you ever do, you’ll see how that embrace – that hug – seems to almost destroy the “ceremony,” in a good way, and enhance the visibility of the actual love between two people.


Congrats Mu and Sabrina!


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