Dear hip-hop generation 2.0…

pull up your pants. I know, you’re getting tired of hearing it, and I’ve actually done my best to not be on your backs only because of the fact that teenage urban culture ALWAYS has a thing that everyone else hates, or doesn’t understand. It was I (us) who started that whole phenomena that you all have taken to the NEXT level, anyway. I know this. Not to mention, we also had that “wearing your clothes backwards” stint, along with several other “where’s your mama” moments.


yesterday I saw one of your peers, unfortunately in a wheelchair, wheeling with his pants around his knees. Seriously.

I love you, but…come on.





  1. Daniel Harris (@danthaman82)

    i seriously don’t want to be ingorant or rude or insensitive but…


    This is a classic example of “pop culture” trends not being for everyone. I mean, with me being a rather large gentleman, you wouldn’t catch me in some skinny jeans for the sake of keep up with pop culture.

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