10 things a man should know

…amongst many other things.

In no particular order:

1.) Know that crying is healthy. In public or in private is up to you, but get it out. It NEEDS to come out.

2.) Know how to cook at least one meal, really well.

3.) Know how to buy and wear a suit. Seriously, it’s a suit. It shouldn’t be worn like jeans. If suits just aren’t for you, ever, then learn how to wear a pair of jeans.

4.) Be conscious of your community and things that affect it. Speak to your neighbors. Get involved. Be conscious of the national and global community as well. Take ten minutes and read or watch the news. That’s all it takes. You are a citizen of your hood, AND the world.

5.) BE HONEST. Hard lesson, indeed.

6.) Kiss your beloved in public.

7.) Protect your beloved. I’m no advocate for fighting, but be willing to if for some reason it’s unavoidable. And though losing is always a possibility, who better to take a lump for? (This assuming there are no weapons involved, in which case…run.)

8.) Apologize when you’re wrong. But don’t mumble it, say it confidently. Being wrong doesn’t make you weak. But being honest about it, can definitely show your strength.

9.) Be resourceful. There should always be a way to make money. No excuses. Push a lawnmower if you have to.

10.) Be connected to something spiritual, whatever you believe. You’ll need it, whether you think so or not.


Oh, I only said ten. Well please join in. I’m still learning and could definitely use your advice. There are tons more! Let’s hear them.



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