Troy Davis, Humanity, and America

I’m sure everyone knows about the Troy Davis case by now. If you don’t, you should. Let’s all continue to send out our prayers to him and his family in hopes he isn’t killed this evening (by the way, I hate “put to death.” It’s such a cop out. You’re killing him.) for a crime, from what the evidence seems to show, he did not commit.

I’m sorry if my profundity is running low today. Not really in the mood, but bare with me. This is just an honest post to say that these are the times, when I love humanity for its ability to rally behind and around its own, as well as its strength in the most trying times. Troy Davis’s letters seem to be strong and confident as he looks into the face of an unjust demise. I admire him for his courage and his faith.


these are also the times when I equally hate humanity, for being ignorant, and proud, and proud of its ignorance, full of hate and hubris, all in the form of a judge, who is truly only a representative of a greater beast whose back this country was built on.

America. A work of art (Not sarcasm). But have you ever seen “shit art.” Like when people take feces and throw it at the canvas, or use it as the medium. (Yes, this really does exist.) Yep. You see it on the wall in a gallery, and you think to yourself, “Wow, this is truly brilliant. Beautiful. Masterful.” And then you get closer to examine it further and you say, “But it smells absolutely terrible!”

It indeed is art. But it’s also still…shit.


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