Old School Candy


chick-o-sticks gobstoppers, cry babies, fireballs, pop rocks, lemonheads, fun dip, tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, tootie fruities (also tootsie rolls) now & laters, root beer barrels, blowpops, dum-dums, mary janes, squirrel nut zippers, bit-o-honey, boston baked beans, red hots, peanut chews, charleston chews (nasty), big chew, bubble tape…


The pieces I’m holding in the photo above, I found in a used bookstore! Well, I didn’t “find” them, because that’s gross. But they were selling them.

Oh how life has changed. We use telephones to keep from talking to people, and bookstores to buy good candy.

Which brings me to another question. Do library cards still exist?

I’ll talk about that tomorrow, maybe.



  1. Reece

    Library cards do indeed still exist. I just used mine on Tuesday :-D. I prefer going to the library and checking out books.

    Oh, and Boston Baked Beans and Mary Janes are my ish! I still snack on those every once in a while. Charleston Chew. Eww is right!

    Peace! Love the blog…

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